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Tarifa (atlantic coast)

Tarifa is the most southern locality of the European continent. Only 24 km separate this place from the African continent (Morocco), which, on a clear day, seems literally "within grasp".

Tarifa is one of the most beautiful places of the Andalusian coast for summer holidays. Within its thick walls, the narrow alleys and the large number of shops invite you to walk around and do some shopping.

Due to its situation on the Straits of Gibraltar, a fresh breeze always blows through this small town. The continuing presence of the wind has converted Tarifa in the European surf capital. During the summer months, the surfing scenery dominates the street atmosphere in the evenings. Tanned, young and dynamic people meet in the numerous pubs and bars where "tapas" (light snacks) are served. Later on, the party continues in the discothèques and on the beach. However, during the day, the street cafeterias of the old town centre are a "surf-free" zone.

The sandy beach, about 10 km long, large parts of which are still unspoilt, is one of the finest on the Spanish coast. At its western end, it borders a gigantic dune area. Behind this area, another 9 km long beach with small inlets and rocks with strange forms penetrate into the sea.

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