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Information about buying and selling a property in Spain

As a citizen of one of the member states of the European Union (EU), you are not subject to any restrictions at the time of buying real properties in Spain. You will have the same rights as any Spanish national.

What we care for

Before offering you a property to buy, we inspect it on site. We verify whether the property is free of charges and encumbrances, in order to make sure that no debts of the previous owner can be claimed from you. We check the inscription in the property register, the public deeds, the powers of attorney to sell, any mortgages that may exist and possible lease contracts, quotas to be paid to the community of owners, receipts of IBI (Real Estate Tax), municipal taxes and levies, telephone, water en electricity bills.

If the price asked by the seller of the property is too high, we will first try to obtain a better price or we may reject the property. Excessively expensive properties are not included in our file of properties for sale.

Process of purchase of a property

Once you have taken the decision to buy a specific property, we will formalise a private contract of purchase and sale with you, as is customary in Spain, specifying the price of the purchase, the amount of the deposit and all other conditions, as well as the term for the granting of the public deed of purchase and sale. In Spain, it is customary to make a down payment to the seller.

The Spanish Notary Public verifies the particulars of the inscription in the property register before the execution of the public deed and the payment of the balance of the purchase price. To this end, he requests a non-certified note (nota simple informativa) from the register. As a result, the registry inscription is blocked for a term of 5 days. In other words, if, during this period of time, another Notary should apply for an extract from the register relating to the same property, the registrar will deny the request. On the occasion of the granting of the public deed, the Notary will read out the contents of the public deed to both contracting parties.

We will ensure that you are informed of the contents of the deed in your mother tongue. The granting of the deed and the payment of the price will take place in the presence of the local Notary. Next, the execution of the deed until its inscription in the property register will be carried out by a lawyer commissioned for this purpose. We will make sure that you are inscribed in the register as the lawful owner of the property. In addition, it is important that you, as the owner of a property, have an identification number as foreigner (N.I.E.) before signature of the public deed. We will help you applying for it.

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